Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Stop that dancing up there! :( And try something else :)

It goes without saying that we can't go Israeli folk dancing one-four times every week in the middle of a pandemic.  :(  And that was our main form of exercise.  :(  We didn't know whether we should even leave the apartment.  But our old friend the Physician Assistant said that getting some "sunshine Vitamin D" was essential to our health, so out we went, all masked up.  At first, we walked along the local highway because it isn't the main shopping street and the sidewalks are relatively uncrowded.  More recently, though, New York City, in cooperation with local volunteers, has closed a 26-block stretch of a local street to vehicular traffic every day from 8 AM to 8 PM--the volunteers move the barriers onto the street every morning and remove them every evening.  When the weather is nice, we've been known to take a stroll as long as 34 blocks round-trip on the pedestrian street.   That's more exercise than I've gotten in years!  And my husband sometimes leaves me at our corner to walk further at his own much-faster pace. Much to his surprise, my husband has actually lost weight within the last month or so!



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